How to make a Near Me call

Step 1

Open the Chrome or Safari browser. Enter the website address your service has given you (for example, in your appointment letter) into the browser bar. On your service’s website you should see a “start video call” button. Click this button

Step 2

The system checks you have everything in place to make a Near Me call. All calls involve an internet check. The system checks you have a speaker, microphone and video: on some devices this is automated, or you may be asked to click “continue” or “yes”. If asked, allow access to your microphone and video

Step 3

Enter your details: name, date of birth and the phone number where you can be reached during the call. Tick the small box to agree the terms and conditions. Your service will then give you some information: please read this and press “start call” again to continue

Then wait for your provider to connect your call

You will be held in a private video waiting room until your service provider connects your call

If you experience any image or sound issues during the call, click the green “refresh” button in the top right of the screen. To end the call, click the red “end” button